School: What should I do?

Is that not the question of the century when you’re raising children?!

I ask myself nonstop. Do I send my kids to public school? Do go private school? Homeschool? Provide extra? As a parent who is invested in the care and future of their child, I’m sure you have asked yourself those same questions.

The great news? There’s no right or wrong answers here. Ultimately you have to do what is best, and practical, for your child and your family.

The not so great news, there are hundreds of options and its so hard to not feel like you’re screwing up your kids future.

Sound familiar?

I am struggling so hard with this now with my youngest child. My older children are grown, one in college and one a senior in high school. I sent them through public school. I did homeschool them for a year and I loved it, they loved it, but they had already been in public school prior to homeschooling and they missed their friends, so the decision was made to go to public school. I’m not saying public school is bad. I don’t think that at all. There are pros and cons to both.

Now here I am again, wandering what to do and what the best option is. After all, we have a great school system where we live. I have no problem with the school; I’m quite happy with the school to be honest. But I still have that nagging feeling, that little voice telling me it would be best to homeschool her.

I am a big fan of classical education. It’s systematic. It follows a pattern of learning that makes sense to me. I used the methods recommended by Susan Wise Bauer and Jessie Wise from The Well Trained Mind with my older girls. I have been listening to the audio book on Audible recently and drug out my old book, The Well Trained Mind. It’s really making me want to dive in and jump right in to homeschooling. I dream of days teaching my daughter from anywhere, immersing her in the world and culture, traveling and exploring local and far off experiences, and, I could go on and on.


We have decided to take this slow and really consider everything before we jump in. We are wanting to really clean out everything and live more simply, travel more, possibly downsize, possibly RV full-time or most time 😉 Ruby is in second grade, in a great school, we love her teachers, and she’s a little hesitant on the topic of homeschooling. So there’s a lot for us to be thinking about and transitioning to.

So, what’s our plan?

Well, first we have to wean off the technology. I vowed to not be a high tech parent, but here I am, killing it. I didn’t see it coming. Busy life, on the go, appointments, freedom to clean the house, on a call and your kid needs something to do, yeah, it snuck up on me. Not to mention there are things she wants to play that I only allow her to play in my presence (spoiler – 95% of the apps). I put a 1 minute time limit on those (because that’s the lowest it will allow me) so she has to come ask me to play it. I have to be able to sit beside her while she plays. So there we are, both of unproductively sitting on our butts!

Goal: To get from this ———————————->
To this!

After-schooling is the answer for us right now. What is that right? Well, the plan is to start introducing “study sessions” into our days after school, some on weekends and on school breaks while also beginning our steps toward our other goals.

The big goal:

-Simplify our living.
-Warm Ruby up to idea of homeschooling and testing things out to see if it’s a good fit for our family.

What does this look like?

Here is a semi-loose schedule we will be following for the next year.

I say semi-loose because this is the trial and error phase. I don’t want to overbook my child but I also don’t want this to just become an optional thing that we may or may not do. She nor my husband and I will be able to make an informed decision if don’t test and try. So I am 100% sure this schedule will need to be tweaked and changed as we go along and figure out what works and what doesn’t but not doing anything is not an option.

I’ve begun ordering my materials for after-school, stay tuned! Once I get my materials I’ll update and provide links!

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