Martin Luther King Jr Day 2022

Photo by Robert D. Barber University Archives and Special Collections Department

What better way to spend a day off from school than to learn about the reason why you get the day off. Especially a day like today.

We spent the day watching videos to learn about Dr. King and his efforts to make change. We found all kinds of resources!

We watched his “I have a dream…” speech here.

Then we watched Martin Luther King Jr. For Kids from Homeschool Pop and did a few projects!

I made a quick worksheet on Microsoft Word with just a few questions on it and her little experiment.

After watching the videos and reading about MLK, I had her list 3 facts about his life, fill in the blank, and identify the law passed because of his efforts. We talked about more facts and why it was so important to make change. We talked about what it was like in those times if you weren’t white. We even got into talking about Ruby Bridges and how brave she was.

Moving on to the experiment! We took out a brown egg and a white egg from the fridge. We talked about the differences on how they looked on the outside. Now it’s time to crack them open. So Ruby opened the eggs and dumped them into a bowl. I asked her to tell me what they look like now. She said they look the same. Both have yellow/orange yolks and clear fluid. I told her this was true for us too. Even though we look different on the outside, we are the same on the inside, and just because we look different, have different beliefs, or whatever it may be doesn’t mean one is better, good, or bad. We don’t get to treat people badly or different just because we’re not exactly the same.

After our experiment, we talked about how we can make change and help our community and our world grow and learn. We made cloud bubbles with goals for myself, my community, and my world.

These were simple to do and fun. It gave her a way to visualize why Martin Luther King Jr. fought for equality. These simple steps, a few videos, and lots of conversations through the day were a great way to honor the work of Dr. King.

You can find both PDF versions of our worksheets below.

Here are some other videos we watched.

Here are some books we liked too!

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